Recap: The Bachelor – After The Final Rose









We head straight from Ben’s proposal to Lauren B. into the After the Final Rose special. Live in studio, Ben and host Chris Harrison talk about his struggle with being in love with both Lauren and JoJo. Ben has no regrets telling both Lauren and JoJo that he loved them. “I tried to be as honest as possible and it led me to Lauren…I can’t regret that,” Ben says.

Oh god, what did they do with JoJo’s parents who were there backstage in case Ben picked JoJo and they got married on TV? Did someone quietly hand JoJo’s mom a bottle of champs and usher them out the back into a waiting limousine?


JoJo’s mom during hometown dates

JoJo joins Ben on stage and he tells her he will “never regret” having her as part of his life. JoJo seems poised and calm and, dare I say happy? “It was gut wrenching watching that, but it helped me to see that it was hard for you too,” JoJo admits. She is all class wishing Ben and Lauren the best and saying how wonderful Lauren is. Now I’ll have the super sads if JoJo isn’t the next Bachelorette. She’s so lovely. Whyyyyy is Chris Harrison hinting that it’s not necessarily who we think?

Back from commercial break, JoJo says that life right after Jamaica was spent at home doing a lot of reflecting and thinking. “Watching back helped me a lot,” she confirms. “There’s a very big difference between the way he looked at Lauren and the way he looked at me,” JoJo says, echoing everyone on Twitter for the last 10 weeks. She asks Ben what the deciding factor for him was. “My desire was to stay open,” Ben says, “but as I started to really let myself feel things, I couldn’t picture my life without Lauren.” JoJo says she will always have a special place in her heart for Ben but adds that she’s moved on and has found peace and, again, is super happy for Lauren and Ben because they’re amazing people. No joke it’s the loveliest After the Final Rose runner-up face-to-face  ever.

PSYCH! The new Bachelorette *is* JoJo. Fuck, Chris Harrison even gestured towards off stage as if someone was going to walk out but then pointed right back at JoJo. The studio audience loses their damn minds. I may have shouted YASSSSSSSS at my TV. JoJo for Bachelorette! I’m going to watch the shit out of that season.

Lauren joins Ben on stage, where she says that she wasn’t “blindsided” by anything she saw on the show because the night after they got engaged Ben told her everything that had happened between him and JoJo. “Smart man,” Chris chuckles. “I was surprised but I wasn’t surprised,” Lauren says, of learning about Ben’s feelings for JoJo. They’re clearly super happy together and Lauren is full of sparkle and personality tonight. And wearing a white dress. Hmm…

Lauren confirms she is moving to Denver to be with Ben and she says she doesn’t want a long engagement. Bachelor superfan, late night host Jimmy Kimmel stands up in the crowd and asks them “what happens in the Fantasy Suite” (demonstrated with Barbies both clothed and naked).

That wedding Chris Harrison has been teasing all night? They bring out the Pastor but Ben says they owe it to each other to do a big wedding with all of their friends and family. Instead, Ben surprises Lauren with the news that her parents have been backstage and he calls them out and re- proposes.

Ben thanks Bachelor Nation for being supportive during a really `weird`season. And that`s it for another season of The Bachelor. Swoon!

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Recap: The Bachelorette Week One (Part Two)

Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers on the season premiere (part 2) of The Bachelorette (original air date: Tuesday, May 19, 2015).

Ah the suspense! We’re thisclose to finding out who will be this season’s Bachelorette – Kaitlyn or Britt.

And those cruel, clever Bachelorette producers have drawn it out over a two-night television event. After all the #putyourroseinmybox votes were counted this season’s Bachelorette will be…Kaitlyn!

Yays! I adore Kaitlyn and she’s super entertaining so this should be a fun season. I also like Britt, and watching Chris Harrison tell her she wasn’t chosen was gut wrenching. He does mention that the vote was close, so that’s something??

After sending a tearful but stoic Britt home in a limo, Chris finds Kaitlyn to break the big news. He messes with her by saying “unfortunately……we had to send Britt home.” Oh Harrison you tease! Kaitlyn looks equal parts thrilled and sad for Britt, and she expresses feeling bad for being so excited. Ah, what a “sweet girl”, as Chris calls her. But not so fast with all that excitement Kaitlyn because now that you’ve been anointed it’s time for some Bachelorette business: you still have to send some dudes home in a rose ceremony tonight. Kaitlyn calls her mom to share the great news and mom says to get off the phone and go meet “my future son-in-law.” Shawn B and Ian are particularly THRILLED when Kaitlyn enters the room to begin her reign. It’s time for most of these men to make a second first impression, because now Kaitlyn has the power and will choose who goes home. Welder Joshua presents Kaitlyn with a steel rose. Tony the healer is thinking he might need to go home and “dig his own well” now that Britt has left. Jared confesses that he voted for Britt which Kaitlyn “appreciates”. I guess ultimately it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. Musician Brady had major sparks with Britt and he’s visibly bummed. Kaitlyn vocalizes her fears that the Team Britt men won’t be too disappointed that she’s the Bachelorette. When chatting with JJ, Kaitlyn becomes super into him after he mentions having a daughter. Dentist and cupcake car enthusiast (and all around cutie) Chris makes an impact by inspecting Kaitlyn for cavities with his tongue. And there we have the first kiss of the season! Ultimately, the first impression rose goes to Gosling-esque Shawn B. who has apparently developed a bit of a drawl as the night has gone on. He scores the rose and the second kiss of the night.

We head into the rose ceremony and tensions are high. Tony inexplicably makes the cut. Brady interrupts the action to announce his plans to stalk Britt forever. Ok, not exactly, but after saying his goodbye to Kaitlyn, Chris Harrison offers to hook him up. Back at the rose ceremony, a few Britt boys make it through (like Jonathan and Jared) and ultimately a bunch of men whose names I can’t be bothered to write here got sent packing including the hot tub car guy and the stripper. Kaitlyn and her man harem end the ceremony with a champagne toast.

And with that week one of what promises to be a steamy season of The Bachelorette comes to a close. and holy shit snacks Nick V. from Andi’s season is back!