Bits & Pieces


You guys, Spring is here. I think. Probably?

After a relatively mild winter in Toronto we got slammed with cold weather and snow last week. I really can’t complain because I seem to have been out of the country in El Salvador during the only other week this winter where proper boots were required. I can’t wait to bust out my leather jacket and ditch the toque. The forecast looks great for this weekend. I’m spending it celebrating my mom’s birthday by doing what I do best: handing her an envelope full of cash and taking her to Red Lobster (because: their cheese biscuits!). Tradition, y’all.

Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend full of loveliness.

Here are a few bits and pieces that made my week:

  • A great read on traveling with friends to make all of your vacations a little more fancy (read: Airbnb/villa rentals). I love the vibe of sharing a house with friends on vacation and have always had a blast doing it.
  • Have you been watching this season of Girls? I honestly think it’s the best season so far. I think, actually, that season 1 was my least favourite but I stuck with it. If you’ve not caught up I won’t ruin it for you but Allison Williams gives an absolutely stunning performance in season 5 episode 6, and talked about it in Vulture. Spoilers, obvi.
  • I started a new job recently and share a space with a vegan, a vegetarian and a Paleo follower. I am none of these things. That said, inspired, I’ve been seeking out some vegan recipes. I’m not a huge fan of pasta but I had a ass ton of avocado to use up in a hurry and this recipe for vegan alfredo was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I loved it so much I’ve made it twice this week.
  • Have you heard of the Spike Lee movie Chiraq? It focuses on the gang violence in Chicago’s South Side where, in an effort to curb the shootings, the neighbourhood women get together and decide to withhold sex until the violence stops. The story is based on Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, a Classical Greek comedy play in which women withhold sex from their husbands as punishment for fighting in the Peloponnesian War. I watched it this week and found it quite brilliant. It has some great musical elements and the soundtrack is amazing. Also, more Angela Bassett in everything please.