Bits & Pieces


The phrase TGIF used to enrage me in my pre-career days. Now, I totally get it. I’ve just eaten like a pound of Swedish berries and I’m on coffee #3. It’s not even noon and I’ve already given up on any semblance of social graces. The next person to annoy me will definitely get some high quality side eye [insert dramatic sigh here].

Anyhoodle, here are some bits and pieces that made my week (slightly more bearable):

  • Sometimes I worry I’m just one bad day away from being one of those people who’s, like, really into World of Warcraft. Like these two winners. Ok, I’m just being mean. They’re kind of adorable.
  • Girls, a new HBO show, debuted last weekend. I watched it. I liked it. If I had to say something negative, I’d say I found it a teensy bit self-indulgent. But I’ll give it another few episodes before I make a decision on whether or not it joins my elite TV downloading roster featuring such critically acclaimed gems like Long Island Medium and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ha.
  • On getting a tattoo while still in your teens. I got my first one (illegally) at 16. And I still love it. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I have no regrets. My advice would be: make sure it’s something timeless and very personal to you. And don’t get it somewhere where you’re likely to experience major weight fluctuations (ass, stomach, boobage). Just sayin’.
  • I absolutely love this article about travelling with a friend. I’m so lucky that MM and I have the exact same travel style and have been travelling together happily for almost a decade.  Being superfriends does not necessarily mean you’ll make good travel buddies, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing nor an indication that there’s something wrong with the friendship. One of my favourite travel memories with MM is being in Paris and both of us kind of hating it but not wanting to really say it in case the other was loving it, and we just kind of stopped in our tracks after some incident (gross guy saying something pervy or some pile of street garbage or whatever) and looked at each other and kind of shouted into each other’s mouths “I HATE PARIS!” “ME TOO!”. Good times. Also, I made MM wait in line for over an hour to eat at a particular (and honestly underwhelming) pizza place in Brooklyn last summer, so I owe her one on our next trip.

Have a great weekend folks!