Bits & Pieces

I feel like all I did this week was eat crackers and watch Downton Abbey. Aside from carbs and witty British barbs, here are some bits and pieces that made my week.

I leave you with this:



Bits & Pieces


It’s Friday the 13th! I’ve always had really good luck on Friday the 13th!

My weekend plans including seeing a friend’s band, braving the Costco to stock up on some essentials (taquitos and cashews), buying something to ease the pain of sunburns in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Curacao,¬† catching up on Coronation Street over pints at Crooked Star, and maybe some Golden Globes watching.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Here are some bits & pieces that made my week:


Bits & Pieces


Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Yesterday was a blur of baking, wine drinking and movie watching. Pretty much the perfect Saturday. With baked brie. Tonight I’m heading to a clothing swap. I hope someone¬†else appreciates my propensity for Banana Republic trousers and graphic print H&M t’s.

Happy Sunday! Here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

I remember this pink cheesecake from cottage parties as a kid.

How lovely is this Tiffany’s commercial featuring Lee Pace (from Pushing Diasies)? ‚ô•

A new Lana Del Rey video to hold me over until her January album release.

How pretty are these book covers?

Loving this bright knit sweater. No one is more shocked than me that it’s Juicy Couture!