Recap: The Bachelor – Week Seven

Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers on episode 7 of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins (original air date: Monday, February 15, 2016).


The Bachelor Ben Higgins. Photo source:

Hola rose lovers. Sorry I am so late with this post but as I mentioned in my recap last week I was in El Salvador for a wedding and apparently to eat an asston of pupusas.

So we kick off this week in Ben’s home town of Yawnsville, Indiana or wherever. Ben meets up with his parents at a diner and tells them he’s down to six ladies and mentions like seven times that he was just in the Bahamas. Meanwhile, the women are strolling the town and pointing out buildings, looking like an ad for skinny jeans and throwing leaves at eachother.

Ben gives his parents a rundown of all the women and it’s clear that JoJo, Lauren and Amanda are frontrunners. He picks up the women in a boat and they talk about how the town is “too cute” and a great place to make babies.

This is a big week because hometowns are coming up. Ben announces that Lauren has 30 minutes to get ready for the first one-on-one date of the week, leaving Becca and JoJo feeling a little gutted.

On their date, Ben drives Lauren around in a truck and points out his school and church and where he had his first kiss and he gives her lots of love gazes. It’s obvious that he really, really likes her. They wind up at the local youth club where Ben worked for four years. That face AND he worked with kids? This guy must have just slayed ass back in the day. There’s a cute moment with Ronnie “the half court kid” and then Ben and Lauren have to kiss in front of everyone. Since most of their kissing is pretty PG looking, this is barely awkward. Then some players from the Indiana Pacers show up and everyone loses their damn minds. Everyone loves Lauren and wants to know if she loves Ben. A sad kid cries and Ben cheers him up, handsomely. Consequently, Lauren provides a bunch of soundbites about Ben being great with kids and he’d make a great dad, etc.

The remaining women are waiting for a date card and Becca is all “one-on-ones are better than group dates.” Yeah, duh.‎ This episode is setting up for either Emily or Becca to go home, I think. Possibly Caila.

Later on their date Lauren brings up the awkwardness in the Bahamas and he tells her he doesn’t want to be blindsided and Lauren counters that she felt defenseless against now departed Leah’s bullshit accusations that Lauren wasn’t being her real self around Ben.‎ He assures her that they are in a good place and it’s all good again. “You make me sooooo happy Ben,” she tells him. Then they hit the town for some drinks with Ben’s friends and Lauren announces in her private interview that she’s in love.

The next day JoJo is attempting to shed off her slight Lauren jealousy and have tunnel vision‎ when it comes to her relationship with Ben. They have great chemistry and an easy vibe. She meets him in Chicago and they go to Wrigley Field because Ben loves the Cubs so all this swelling, majestic music plays while they walk around and then put on Mr and Mrs Higgins jerseys and mess around on the field. He makes it to third base but it`s the sports kind, not the fun kind. They lay down on the field and Ben says that he feels more himself around JoJo than the other women.

The group date card arrives and it’s for Caila, Becca and Amanda so Emily cries a bunch because she gets the last solo date of the week. Becca confesses she feels more strongly for Ben at this point then she did going all the way to final two with Chris Soules.

For some reason we return to Wrigley Field where a dinner no one will eat is set up. Ben feels like she holds back a little and JoJo admits she feels scared‎ (rightly so) but says she cares about Ben a lot and can see a life with him. “My heart is ready to give to you,” she tells him.

On the group date the women meet Ben at a farm and Caila and Ben get some alone time on a row boat. They head into a barn decorated straight out of a Pinterest board and Ben says this is all getting “very personal.” Amanda is so excited to see her kids next week and hasn’t introduced any guy she’s dated to them. Ben looks forward to seeing her in mom mode. Becca kicks off their alone time telling Ben she’s been stressed for the past two weeks and tells him she likes him so much it freaks her out. Ben avoids any major eye contact and the whole interaction feels kinda off. Becca is not used to bein‎g in a vulnerable position, and mumbles “please don’t blindside me,” to Ben. Yeah, she is so getting sent home this week. Caila talks about how she doesn’t have the same hometown roots and “community” as Ben because she moved around a lot as a kid. He wonders if she could settle down in one spot and she compares herself to moss or something. I got bored and stopped listening. The group date rose goes to single mom Amanda, meaning she will definitely be getting a hometown date and will also spend the rest of the day alone with Ben. Becca and Caila are left to themselves in the barn and Becca starts to unravel.

The two group date rejectees skulk back to the hotel where JoJo wonders how Ben can give Amanda “that much validation,” because she also got the group date rose last week. Becca cries some more and house mom JoJo consoles her.

On their now one-on-one date, the couple head to McDonald’s where the cashier tells Amanda she’s beautiful and they order breakfast at night because you can do that now and then they take drive-through orders. It’s all pretty cute and then they do a lady and the tramp thing with a french fry which is literally a recurring dream I have where Ryan Reynolds is on the other side of the french fry‎ and then teaches me how to use my phone because #romance.

Lastly they make their way to a county fair and Ben wins Amanda a stuffed donut and they brave a ride that was “put together in a day” and Ben pretends not to panic and Amanda thinks she is “very close to falling in love with Ben.”

Emily and Ben embark on their first one-on-one date and she’s bubbly and cute and is learning about swans. As Becca predicts, he brings her home to meet his parents but Caila sees Emily as a “bright-eyed puppy” who doesn’t pose much of a threat to the other women. “Talking to people can be a hard thing for me,” Emily says, apparently lying. She talks Ben’s mom’s ear off and mom’s verdict is: nice but young. Dad is a fan of Emily because she’s a “very nice young lady” (emphasis on young) and he`s not headless. Ben talks about how Emily blossomed after Haley went home.‎ When they chat alone she tells Ben`s dad she hates vegetables and would love to watch movies all day. Mom tears up telling Ben she worries about Emily’s ability to deal with some of the more serious parts of life. Basically she begs him not to pick Emily with her eyes. In his private interview Ben says he really likes Emily but wonders if she’s ready to be a wife. They head back to the house and upon arriving Ben is all ‘you’re amazing’ but tells Emily he can’t picture her being his wife. He tears up telling her he doesn’t see them going to the next step. Emily handles herself quite well, saying “I see it and it sucks that you can’t.” He tells her she’s incredible and tucks her hair behind her ear and they hug goodbye. P.S. The other women see this happening because they are staying in a house that is basically made of windows.

Emily confirms that Ben is sending her home while the other women pretend to be sad for her.‎ Emily is shocked but calls her time with Ben a “blessing,” wonders “why not me?” and adds that whoever ends up with Ben is “a very lucky girl.” Total class this girl. I didn’t think I’d be a fan but I have seen nothing but sweetness from Emily. The upside is she can go back to twinning it up with Haley and work on that dream of being a Broncos cheerleader.

On the night of the rose ceremony, Ben bros down with host Chris ‎Harrison and is all “I don’t know what I’m going to do bro.” It’s pretty obvious that Caila and Becca are on the chopping block tonight. After the last rose is handed out, Becca is the one sent home in the Sad Gal Limo™. She will remain single for approximately 6 days before being wifed up by some handsome investment banker named, like, Thad or something.

“Why did you do that” she asks him and sighs a lot. Ben and Becca sit down where she is teary and reminds Ben she asked him not to blindside her. In the limo, Becca cries about putting herself in this position and wanting someone who loves her back while Ben sits sadly on a bench.

Next week: hometowns! Looks like this season’s crazy family is JoJo’s. I’ll be posting my recap Tuesday morning. Thanks for reading!


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