Bits & Pieces

Oh hi!

I hate shopping. Like, hate it. I can sort of get into it sometimes at a special holiday market (like the Distillery Christmas market) or when I’m on vacation but in general I avoid malls and do anything to not be in a store on the weekends or around busy times like Christmas. So cut to me last night at Costco trying to keep my shit together. I managed to distract myself by hunting for cheese samples (there were none) and debating between the 4 pairs of socks for $15 or the 6 pairs of socks for $10. Spoiler: I bought both.

Today I found myself panic shopping for a gift for my landlord on my lunch break because she surprised me with a set of tools last night (something I had actually been really wanting and had mentioned to her after borrowing some of her tools to put together some new furniture).

If you’ve ever cried in the middle of a HonseSense, we have that in common. I’m trying really hard to be super into Christmas this year. I’ve been listening to holiday music non-stop for a week, stopping to soak in the decorated houses in my neighbourhood, and then there was this. I even bought my first ornament. I’M TRYING, CHRISTMAS!

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back in 2016.

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week.

  • Oh Japan, everything about you is awesome. Even your tiny commuters!

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