Bits & Pieces

Happy Friday!

When is the day that it becomes acceptable to start listening to Christmas music? I thought maybe it would be today but this morning when I left my apartment at the asscrack of 6:30 a.m. to go to my chiropractor uptown (ah aging) because I have no time to go at night so she opens at 7 a.m. for me it was downright balmy outside. Spring-like. Not that I’m encouraging snow or icy temperatures, but I think I’ll have to hold off on the festive tunes until  I can walk to the subway without sweating.

This weekend I’m heading to the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is mostly an excuse to gorge on dumplings at a nearby restaurant. Sunday I’m heading to the Whole Life Expo to drop money on an aura reading or some sort of fancy pebble that will fix my karma or steal a soul. Whichever.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend – and Happy Thanksgiving to my readers down south.

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week.

  • Remember when we used to sneeze in our hand and now we all sneeze into our arm but then kids are basically walking around with shirts covered in gross? Well, the sneeve is a thing.
  • I’ve been binge watching an amazing show called Playing House, so the awesome theme song is playing on repeat in my head.
  • Everything you never knew you wanted to know about trap streets. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Doctor Who. I’m totally obsessed with trap streets now!

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