Bits & Pieces

Happy Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic week. I took Tuesday off of work and left the city to go to an adventure park with some friends. We played mini golf, went through a maze, perfected (ha) our archery skills and even did some wall climbing (my arms are still yelling at me, and I barely made it 1/3 of the way up). This week also saw the return of the CNE to Toronto. I love the CNE so so much. I spend way too much money and eat way too many tiny tom donuts. I’m already excited to go back next week. Fun fact: Monday through Thursday you can enter the CNE for $6 after 5 pm. I usually go two or three times on this price because I prefer to spend my money on pierogies and also the crowds on the weekends can be a little intense.

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

  • Working on improving your health? 5 questions you should ask yourself. And one of them isn’t: what is the number to call to have a breakfast burrito delivered to my face every morning. Shocking!
  • I want ALL of these greeting cards inspired by Friends. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how often I use #7 in every day conversation.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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