Bits & Pieces

Happy Friday!

On deck for me this weekend is hitting up the Art Gallery of Ontario, eating an almost alarming amount of dumplings and attending a baby shower. How is it already August 7?!?! Summer is going by too fast! Wishing you all an amazing weekend.

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week.

  • House-guest anxiety: it’s a real thing. In my case, it manifests as waking up at the crack of dawn (even if I didn’t hit the sack ’til the wee hours) and being overly perky to my hosts which leaves them annoyed and me exhausted. In my real life I can barely be bothered to put on a bra before 11 a.m. on a weekend and I’m pretty much a monster before coffee any day of the week.
  • Meditation tips for the busy mind. I laughed at the part about making grocery lists. My mind always wanders to grocery lists during meditation, which is particularly funny given that I maybe grocery shop like once a month and almost never cook.
  • Inside my best friend’s – err…Taylor Swift’s – apartment. Sigh. Dreamy. I need to weasel my way into her squad. Perhaps when she tires of being surrounded by models and actresses, and is wanting to add a wise-ass brunette with a penchant for warm purse beers to her crew.
  • Common mistakes travelers make in Japan. This is also my way to not-at-all-subtly work in the fact that I’ve been to Japan. In case I haven’t mentioned it 18,375 times.
  • This article will help you make me jam. Or help you make you jam that I will steal. Whatever.




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