4 thoughts on “Can You Learn Social Media Marketing in One Week?

  1. Nick The Geek says:

    Thank you for your lovely review Jenn.

    You’re right in that I probably could add a little more on metrics – I’m in the process of writing updates of all my books and will try to work it in somehow.

    Email me or reply here with any specifics you’d like to see!

    I do touch upon Facebook approaches in ‘Successful SEO And Search Marketing’ but only briefly due to space limitations and the fact that FB changes fairly regularly what’s allowed, what’s not (i.e. targeting by surname) and what doesn’t work as well as it did before (Like Campaigns for Pages) so I didn’t want the book to become obviously outdated.

    Again, I’ll see what I can do re: FB for the updated version of the book.


    Nick 🙂


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