Horsing Around

Last weekend a friend and I made the short drive to Clairevile Ranch to do some horseback riding. I hadn’t realized there was a place like this so close to Toronto. I’d been horseback riding once before, but it was in Costa Rica and the horses were basically the vehicle to get us to zip lining and it was a million (or 45) degrees out and the horses mostly looked like they wanted to die. So it was nice to be at a cute ranch with great, friendly (and very patient) staff and beautiful healthy horses.

My horse’s name was Jane and my pal’s horse was Chip. Apparently Jane is mildly obsessed with Chip, which came in handy later for veering Jane back on the trail. I would say “go find your boyfriend.” And she would. I felt an immediate bond with Jane because she stopped a lot to eat. Like, a lot. And I wasn’t supposed to let her do that, but I know how I feel when someone tries to get between me and a breakfast burrito so admittedly I was definitely way too lenient letting her stop and graze. My friend told me every time she looked back, Jane had a huge bunch of grass in her mouth, which sounds about right. Also, at one point Jane stopped and kind of gazed over to her right and I immediately knew in my soul that she was pooping. I’m kind of a horse whisperer in that way I suppose. This was confirmed when the man riding behind me was like “wow, that’s a lot of shit.” That’s my horse!

As our ride went on I got more comfortable guiding Jane and even managed to prevent (or at least shorten the length of) a few food pit stops. For $35 (including a $5 helmet rental – just take it) we enjoyed a lovely 50 minute ride around the property. Then, like all great Westerns, we rode off into the sunset. Or, more precisely, we got back in the car and drove back into the city and went to Loblaws to buy a shit ton of sandwich fixings and chocolate.

Here are a few photos from the day.


ranch1 Ranch2 Ranch3 Ranch4



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