Bits & Pieces

Happy Friday y’all! It’s finally starting to feel like summer in Toronto (or at least very summer-adjacent). Fingers crossed the rain holds off this weekend, as I plan to spend most of it eating BBQ that other people make for me.  I’m great at salads, dips and sides (I make these for pretty much every party or potluck I attend), but it’s just better if I’m nowhere near a grill! I’m not even great with a stove. Hope your weekend is full of laughter and sunshine.

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

  • Oh the unbearable ennui that can be found inside a high school diary. I unearthed mine a few years ago from a box in my parents’ closet and I cringed so hard reading it. Apparently when I was a teenager I felt all.the.feelings. Now I only barely muster that kind of emotion when my coffee place runs out of cinnamon powder.
  • A song that sounds like summer to me.
  • Check out this amazing eye makeup tutorial. It almost makes me want to get over my extreme laziness when it comes to wearing makeup. I’m kind of a makeup for weddings and special occasions only person.
  • Are these the best airports in America? My favourite – Dallas, Texas – made the list. It’s just the friendliest most well organized airport I’ve ever been in. I also have a soft spot for the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina where I had a brief layover coming home from San Francisco last fall. They have a piano player in the food court, swoon!




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