From Worse to Worser

Yeah, I know “worser” isn’t a word.

I had previously believed that the day my mom figured out how to text on her cell phone was to be my darkest hour. Then a few weeks ago she started with the emoticons. So I ask: which one of you has been teaching moms about texting emojis? Please, I beg you to stop.

Last weekend I boarded a flight to San Francisco, and before take-off I sent my mom a text letting her know that I was on my way. When I landed I turned my phone off airplane mode and was bombarded by a series of troubling and seemingly random images. I couldn’t tell if she was wishing me a nice trip or pictograming a home invasion in progress.

It turned out to be the former. At least I think so. When I asked if she was ok, my mom responded with an image of something that looked like maybe a flower and then something that was maybe a constipated face or a grenade. The jury’s still out on that one.



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