Bits & Pieces

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

It’s kind of perfect when Halloween falls on a Friday, no? Of course my office has been decorated for over a week. I’ll be finding pieces of the faux spiderweb my office mate and I have covered our walls and desks in for weeks, no doubt. Fingers crossed all the ghost stickers come off the door and walls!

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween. Here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

  • Bette Midler covers TLCs ‘Waterfalls’ and it’s the best!
  • Obsessed with this wallpaper.
  • Budapest is at the top of my travel list right now, and this blog post is making me wish I was en route today!
  • Drooling. Can someone make this for me pleasepleaseplease?
  • I’m all about Ellie Goulding lately and have been listening to this song non-stop. SO GOOD.
  • Looks like this was a fun dinner party.
  • Speaking of Halloween, I’ll let you in on my costume inspiration this year. Wish me luck with the hair!
  • The TTC sucks most of the time these days, but Brad Ross does seem pretty cool. And we have the same taste in music. Can’t help but notice that he seems to ride his bike a lot…perhaps avoiding the notoriously brutal Toronto transit system?



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