Bits & Pieces


Despite it being a shorter work week (in Canada) I woke up this morning so relieved that it was Friday! Three weeks of travelling and cottage time (although lovely and spent with amazing friends) has left me longing for a weekend not involving a suitcase. Also, I could probably spend a full day doing laundry. My plans for the weekend are hitting up a Blue Jays game tonight, wandering lazily around Kensington Market tomorrow (and maybe popping in here for a pina colada slushie – yum) and hitting up the Junction Flea on Sunday. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week.

  • Great news for fans of Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto (like me). Bonus? The new location slated to open in summer 2015 is literally a 3 minute walk from my apartment.
  • This new fall show looks pretty good! And stars my fantasy husband Joshua Jackson.
  • My on-repeat-for-weeks song.









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