The Bachelor (Juan Pablo) – Week Seven Recap

Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers on week seven of Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor (original air date: Monday, February 17, 2014).

Welcome back El Bachelor lovers! This week Juan Pablo and his harem are in JP’s hometown of Miami. First things first: he reunites with his cutie daughter Camilla. Juan talks about “surprising” her but I think she cottoned on to his imminent arrival when, oh, perhaps the film crew arrived at the house? Just saying.

Meanwhile, JP’s remaining ladies arrive at their Miami hotel and find boxes with their names on them filled with…ugly bikinis! Sharleen is nervously hoping for a one-on-one date card so she can sort out her conflicting emotions. Same old. Speaking of Sharleen, Juan Pablo is having a chinwag with his cousin and the lady on his mind is Sharleen. He goes on about how classy and sophisticated she is, even telling his cousin Sharleen could be “the one.”

El Bachelor arrives at the hotel suite and hands the date card directly to Sharleen who’s completely caught off guard. She thinks she’s just reading the card out loud, until JP points out that HER NAME WAS ON THE CARD. The one-on-one date card is for her. Duh. The ladies are irked at her reaction. Seems that Sharleen’s apparent ambivalence and ‘who me’? attitude is getting old. “What is Sharleen?” would be the main bullet point of that conversation.

A “conflicted” Sharleen and JP head aboard a yacht and for her it’s do or die date day. If she ain’t feeling it by the end, she’s outtie. They snuggle up on the deck and Sharleen calls him “trouble.” She confesses in her on-camera interview that she’s surprised by her attraction to Juan Pablo. Well we aren’t, because we’ve pretty much been watching you two make out for weeks.

Back at the hotel, Nikki and Andi are chatting about Sharleen and her lifestyle and wondering if her travelling (she’s an opera singer living in Germany) would be a hindrance to a potential life with JP. Seems like Juan Pablo is thinking about the same thing, because after they disembark from the yacht to frolic on the beach and drink champagne, he asks Sharleen to address it. Sharleen admits she’s put her career before everything else but her priorities are shifting and she’s open to change. “Change is good,” she confirms.

By the time they head into the evening portion of their date, Sharleen seems more into El Bachelor than ever and he remains a smitten kitten. “You’re good at not trying to impress me and you impress me…you’re just you and I like that,” JP tells her. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Sharleen tells him she thinks she can introduce JP to her family, but that it’s hard for her to wrap her mind around it. She also wishes aloud that she was “a little dumber” because then things would be easier. What follows is a lot of making out and face touching. In her private interview, Sharleen expresses that she’s still feeling “torn”. She thinks by this point she should be 100% sure that she wants Juan to meet her family. She confides in Renee that she’s “not sure” and it’s not fair “to take that spot from someone who is sure.” Renee encourages Sharleen – who is essentially her biggest competition – to stick around.

The next one-on-one date card arrives and it’s for Nikki, much to Chelsie’s disappointment. “Am I going to have to dance again?” Nikki half-whines. God we hope not. She meets Juan Pablo for their date, where he tells her that they’re going to go to Camila’s dance recital….where she will also meet Camila’s mom and his parents. Hmm….introducing Nikki to the family? Seems like Renee would’ve been a better fit for this date.

A group date card arrives at the hotel and the women learn that a rose is up for grabs on the group date, thus securing one woman’s spot for hometown dates. With hometown on her mind, Sharleen knows she needs to make a decision, stat.

Nikki and JP arrive at the world’s most adorable dance recital (bet she’s regretting her decision to wear the world’s shortest jean shorts now), and is introduced to the fam. Camila sings her heart out much to the delight of her very proud papa. Nikki is introduced to Camila and they have some cute chatter and later tells Juan’s dad that he “raised a good one.” Nikki totally nails her step-mom audition, and feels “calm and at ease.” Even Juan’s ex seems to approve (operative word being ‘seems’). That night they head to the Marlins stadium (ie. JP’s office) and make out on second base (too easy) over a picnic. Nikki asks El Bachelor if his ex Carla is ok with him dating (the on TV, multiple women part is implied) and he claims it’s all good in the hood. JP likes that Nikki is thinking about his family dynamic and that family is #1 in her book. Nikki’s voiceover confirms that she’s in love with Juan Pablo, making her the first woman to drop the L word this season (albeit not to the Bachelor himself because that would be crazy).

From a woman in love to a woman in doubt, Sharleen gathers the ladies and announces that she’s been “super conflicted” and with hometowns looming, it’s not fair for the other women or JP for her to “take a spot” so she’s leaving. “Are you sure?” Andi asks. Sharleen confirms that she is sure and after hugging the other women goodbye she heads out to talk to El Bachelor who will certainly be devastated that his ‘favourite’ Sharleen is leaving. To their credit, the other women seem genuinely sad to see Sharleen go but hey that’s one less woman to compete with, and I think they all sensed that she was leading the pack in spite of (or because of) her ambivalence. Once alone with Juan Pablo, she delivers the news. “I just don’t know that I can get to the place I’m supposed to be at in three weeks’ time,” she whispers. “I don’t want to take the spot of someone else who can be at that place for you.” Good on you, Sharleen. A lesser woman would’ve stuck around and hurt him more down the road (see: Brooks from Desiree’s season). Juan Pablo wipes away her tears and seems pretty calm for a man who is being dumped by the woman who he thought could be ‘the one.’ “Since day one you got my attention because you’re different…in a good way,” he tells her. And then jokingly adds that he’s only pissed that she didn’t sing for him enough. Ha.

Afterwards, El Bachelor confirms what we already suspected: Sharleen was definitely safe in the next rose ceremony and he cries saying that it took guts to do what Sharleen did. Goodbye Sharleen! Bummer.

The following day Chelsie, Andi, Nikki and Clare start off their group date in a pontoon plane. Up for grabs? A “special rose,” with the recipient receiving a special night date with JP and a secured spot for hometown dates.

The first woman to pull away for some solo time with Juan is Chelsie who busts out notes that her mom wrote her before embarking on The Bachelor, including “don’t chew gum” and “keep your clothes on.” Wise words, Chelsie’s mom. Her dad tells her to “do the opposite” of what her mom says. Jokes. Juan Pablo likes Chelsie’s energy and “happy vibe.” But will it be enough to get her through to next week?

When JP and Andi pull away, she warns him to “get ready for a breakdown,” and immediately starts crying. Ugh. Annoying. She admits to feeling “super vulnerable” in advance of hometown dates. Andi is understandably nervous about introducing someone to her family when she doesn’t know that the “end result” will be. I always think it’s funny when people say shit like this on The Bachelor. That’s the show lady! You knew this coming in. It’s awkward and dramatic and there are no guarantees. You literally signed up willingly to compete for a husband on national television.

JP wants to know who he would meet if he went to Clare’s hometown the following week. He wishes he could have met her (who passed away). She reminds JP that before he died her dad made a video to his future son-in-law and no one has seen it because it’s locked away until that time comes.

Unfortunately for Clare that’s not enough to secure the date rose, which ultimately goes to Andi. Andi and JP venture to South Beach that night, and Andi is trying to keep up the pace in a crazy tight red dress. They dance on a platform in front of a bunch of strangers while being serenaded by whom I presume to be the Latin Chris Brown (minus the lady beatings).

The rejected ladies return to the hotel and flop down on the couch, their faces like a million sighs. To add insult to injury, Clare now has to hang out with her nemesis Nikki. Things get super awkward super quickly when Nikki comments that Clare looks “checked out” while Renee and Chelsie still seem to be in good spirits. Clare feels disrespected and goes to Nikki’s room to confront her. Nikki claims her sudden departure from the living room was because she felt the conversation was going to evolve into bashing Andi. “I don’t like you. We’re never going to be friends. You can just excuse yourself from my room,” says Nikki. “Did you pay for it?” challenges Clare. Snap. Clare exits with “you’re a piece of work Nikki,” to which Nikki counters “you’re fucking crazy, Clare.” Whoa.

The following evening the remaining five women head to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail and everyone (except Andi)  is visibly nervous. With Sharleen’s departure, only one woman will be going home tonight. My bet is on Chelsie, which is a shame because she actually seems kind of cool and goofy and normal. Juan Pablo whisks Renee away and Chelsie strives to make small talk with Clare and Nikki, asking the ladies if they have any every day jewellery that they wear. Nikki says she’s “not sentimental” so I guess that’s a no, and in Chelsie’s confessional she says that Nikki never really participates in group chat and acts very ‘high school.”

Nikki’s on-camera interview is directed at Clare, saying that if JP visits Clare’s family he will undoubtedly be meeting a bunch of crazies because her crazy obviously comes from somewhere. “She didn’t get crazy all on her own.” Ouch. Nikki is feeling confident as a result of meeting JP’s daughter and family and Clare feels that “there are quality women here who aren’t brats.”

Chelsie steps away to pee, leaving Nikki and Clare sitting together alone. Crickets…crickets. No for realsies, you can hear crickets. The looooooooongest silence. And they can’t even check their phones for distraction. Blessedly Andi returns to “join the party” and break up the silence….or not. It’s back to quiet town.

Finally, it’s rose ceremony time. Host Chris Harrison arrives and, as Captain Obvious, explains why this is the MOST. IMPORTANT. ROSE. CEREMONY. YET. I appreciate that Juan Pablo says about the rose that: “if you accept it you want me to meet your family and that’s a big step.” The first rose goes to Nikki, then Clare. It comes down to Renee and Chelsie, and predictably Chelsie is sent packing.

Honestly, after their initial one-on-one date early in the season, Chelsie and Juan Pablo never seemed to re-connect on a romantic level. Not sure if it was a lack of alone time or just that their date was so ‘big’ that they didn’t really have to talk much and so never really got to know each other. I feel like a similar situation happened with Kat. I’m kind of hoping for quirky Chelsie to make a joking ‘aw, nuts’ gesture but instead she stoically hugs the ladies goodbye while Juan Pablo tries unsuccessfully to hold back tears. Hand in hand they walk away to say a private goodbye. “I had a great time, you know that right?” Chelsie tells him, and adds “it was nice to date a good guy for once.” “AWWWWWW CHELSIE! ♥ She’s never looked prettier than she does crying in the sad gal limo. She admits to being flattered that JP cried when sending her home. JP composes himself in a bush before presumably returning to the remaining women…but we don’t get to see what happens next (typically a ‘that was hard but cheers to getting one step closer to love’ spiel) because instead we’re given a lengthier-than-normal sneak peek at next week and it’s two nights next week (Monday and Tuesday). We get a preview of hometown dates but more importantly we see that something super dramatic goes down between Juan Pablo and Andi in the fantasy suite! Can’t wait.

Until next week!



2 thoughts on “The Bachelor (Juan Pablo) – Week Seven Recap

  1. ft says:

    OMG can we please stop the insanity? If Juan Pablo doesn’t choose Nikki, then I’m never watching another Bachelor. She is obviously the only decent choice to be a step mom for his daughter. Second would be the DA, but for sure Nikki is the first choice. Duh.


    • I feel like for a lot of people. whether or not they continue to watch the Bachelor hinges on this season with Juan Pablo! Can’t wait to find out what happens next week. Looks like there’s some drama with the DA!


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