Bits & Pieces

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! We’re heading into a long weekend here in Ontario (thanks god). I’m still catching up on sleep after an AMAZING 4 days in Las Vegas last week (food! booze! shopping! Britney Spears!). Those pictures are coming soon.

Suffice it to say that the readjustment to this never ending polar vortex and the return to ‘real life’ (aka day-to-day life in a city where it’s not customary to be drinking a margarita while trying on shoes) has been less than fun. Oh Toronto, remind me why I love you so much? Because the subway this week has been a nightmare (morning, noon and night) and it’s so cold out that the concrete steps in front of my apartment actually cracked. CRACKED! Le sigh.

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

  • Random bits of trivia you should know.
  • A great short video depicting the struggles of a woman who lost her short-term memory. Fascinating!
  • This. This. This might be the best thing that happened this week. Unexpected, poignant, and just fucking awesome.
  • Interesting article on the ‘dark’ side of Airbnb.

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