Bits & Pieces

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is my favourite day of the year at work – the day after the office holiday party. It’s a ghost town around these parts. People either stay home or skulk in around noon and compare hangovers behind closed office doors. I’m alternating years where I ‘go big’ or ‘lay low’ at the office shindig. This was a ‘lay low’ year. My work husband and I high-fived at our good behaviour this morning. Last year, we and he couldn’t find his shoes. So, yeah. We’re feeling pretty good about ourselves.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week.

  • Google street view in Venice.
  • A fantastic photo series featuring a cool kid and his nanny.
  • Joe Jonas on the Disney machine. A surprisingly good read.
  • Statues get the hipster treatment.



2 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. JT says:

    Cant wait to read about next years party! But there is so something to be said for being the sober-ish one – particularly at an office party!


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