Bits & Pieces

Oh, hello Friday!

In addition to a fantastic night of food and shopping at the CNE, seeing Russell Brand perform stand-up, and what I predict will be superfunhappytimes at Fan Expo tomorrow *cough*stalking Nathan Fillion*cough*, here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

  • The yearly roundup of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods. Hmm…I don’t know. I wouldn’t’ categorize most of these places as being ‘Toronto’ proper (like Mimico and Don Mills), but then again I stubbornly refuse to venture north of Dupont, west of High Park, south of Queen and east of Bathurst except for work so what do I know? I ♥ my neighbourhood a lot.
  • This article really resonated with me (despite the fact that I am childless), because I’m constantly pushing myself to do more/check stuff off my ever-growing to-do-list/pack as much into a day as possible on an impossible schedule and I’m generally always on the go and worried that I’d be a drill-sergeant parent who can’t slow down and appreciate the little things. Is there a vodka for that?
  • Mark Ruffalo’s amazing letter on abortion.



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