We’ve Gotten Really Into Trivia

First it was Beverly Hills 90210.

Then it was Seinfeld.

And this week: the creek. Dawson’s Creek.

And oh yeah, we won. Team ‘The Love Triangles’ won.

The Gladstone Hotel puts on a really great trivia night once a month. It’s so much fun to get together with friends, drink some beers and marvel at how much you remember from TV shows. Honestly, I think I remember more from certain TV shows than I remember from my actual life.

Dawson's Creek, cartoon styles. Oh wow. Dawson's eyebrows!!

Dawson’s Creek, cartoon styles. Oh wow. Dawson’s eyebrows!!

trivia 003

“It’s like jeopardy, only shit you know.”

trivia 006

Among the questions we got wrong: 1) name one of the drag queens from the homecoming alumni dinner and 2) name the book about sex that Dawson’s mom gives Joey (answer: Reproduction and Repercussion).

trivia 005

Our winning answers (27/30). Die hard Dawson’s Creek fans could probably guess the questions based on our answers!

trivia 007

These ladies won us the night – we affectionately referred to them as our ‘ringers’.

trivia 008

Team ‘The Love Triangles’: “Winning at Dawson’s Creek trivia. Winning at life.” – KK

trivia 010

Basking in our win.

trivia 009

Yeah, we’re keeping it.


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