Wedding Fun

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending  one of my dearest friends’ wedding.

A few of us went to the venue earlier in the day to do some decorating. The theme was travel, and the decor scheme was also punctuated with lots and lots of hearts. Despite our crippling fear that we’d screw up the bride’s vision (and R tripping a teensy bit while placing the cake top into the venue’s fridge), everything turned out great.

nov2012 001

Hearts at the altar.

nov2012 002

Card box.

nov2012 003

Hershey`s Kisses chocolate for the guests.

nov2012 004

Almost fell off a ladder hanging these 🙂

nov2012 005

Ceiling decorations done and the Mr & Mrs banner is hung.

nov2012 013

Hearts everywhere 🙂

It was an amazing night that was truly reflective of the couple and their personalities, from the ceremony to the food to the music and decor. Everyone had a blast dancing to ‘Footloose’ and ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and ‘Summer of ’69’ (some of our faves and go-to party songs).

We snacked on tacos and sliders and there was a late-night poutine bar and yummy desserts. Guests sipped on drinks out of moustache straws and wrote messages to the couple on hearts (in lieu of signing a guest book).

nov2012 017

I was the wedding’s co-Master of Ceremonies with the bride’s brother who wore a kilt for the occasion.

nov2012 036

And here I am with the lovely bride.


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