90210 Trivia Night and the Toronto Christmas Market

Last week a few friends and I hit up a Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) trivia night at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, and we had a blast. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I know more about 90210 than I know about some of my own friends! I’ve probably watched the first three seasons at least 8 times all the way through, between it`s original run, re-runs and watching the series on DVD.

We ended up coming in 3rd place with a score of 18/20. Competition was stiff! We were foiled by 2 trick questions that also caused a number of other teams to stumble. There was definitely some (friendly) controversy and Wikipedia was consulted!

We’re looking forward to going back in February for a Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air trivia night. And March is Seinfeld trivia night. Seinfeld is, like, my life. I have most of the episodes practically memorized, no joke. Looking forward to that one!

Here are some photos from the night:

nov2012 053

Our hosts – 2 Andrea Zuckermans. The one on the left really nailed it!

nov2012 054

9/10 after the first round!

nov2012 055


nov2012 057

R and I acting out the opening credits Brandon-Dylan chin jab. Classic.

nov2012 058

Final score: 18/20 and a third place finish. I couldn’t believe anyone knew more about 90210 than us!!!!! So proud of our team: team McKay! Props go to team ‘The Joe E. Tata’s’ for the most clever team name! Joe played Peach Pit owner Nat.

nov2012 060

K’s Dylan sketch – amazing!

nov2012 059

Questions & Answers.

1) The band that the gang snuck into a hotel to meet: Colour Me Badd.
2) What kind of car did Brandon save up to buy: Mustang (love how we added the specific details – year and make!)
3) What song did the girls (including Emily Valentine) perform in front of the school: Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
4) Ah. We were foiled by number 4. At the beginning of the night the hosts reiterated that the questions would be mostly from the high school years. With that in mind, I led my team astray on this one. The question was ‘Which 2 people does Brenda talk out of hurting themselves.” We knew Emily Valentine right away as one of the answers (Brenda talked her out of setting their float on fire after Brandon dumped her), and I incorrectly thought Brenda also helped Scott Scanlon’s (RIP) sister Sue from killing herself after it was revealed she had a rape-y uncle – but that was actually Donna. The answer ended up being some crazy actress chick named Laura in the college years who was Brenda’s understudy in a play and tried to hang herself. Then some teams argued that there was also Bonnie – a girl who called Brenda on the teen hot line because she was being assaulted after football games. We remembered that character but not her name and had debated putting her down as `the girl who called the teen help line`.So the final answers were either Emily Valentine and Bonnie (or the girl who called the teen hotline) or Emily Valentine and Laura. Since technically Steve prevents Laura from hanging herself I don’t think this should have been accepted as an answer but my teammates told me to calm down, so fine. Heehee.
5) The name of Kelly’s beach club crush who turned out to be gay: Kyle.
6) Where were the Walsh’s from: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
7) What was the name of the West Beverly Hills High School student newspaper: The West Beverly Blaze.
8) Who successfully made a half court shot at an LA Lakers game: Steve Sanders.
9) What costume did Donna wear to a Halloween party that had her stuck in a corner all night unable to move: Mermaid.
10) What was the name of the TV show that Steve Sanders’ mom starred on: Hartley House (MM remembered! I was a total blank on this one).
11) I can’t remember the wording of this question but the gist was about Brenda and Brandon’s cousin Bobby and a fling with Kelly and why was it an issue: Bobby was in a wheelchair.
12) What gift did Andrea Zuckerman offer to Brandon when the Walsh’s were planning to move back to Minneapolis: Her virginity. P.S. When this question was asked I swear almost everyone around us gasped and then laughed when we remembered the answer. In unison. It was a moment.
13) What did Brenda and Donna accidentally order (and eat) on their first night in Paris: brains (calf brains).
14) What fake name did Brenda use when she met Rick in Paris: Brenda Dubois.
15) What was the name of the hotel where Dylan lived during the first season of the show: Belage.
16) When Andrea was the victim of a hit and run, what did she remember was hanging from the car’s rearview mirror: Stars.
17) Kelly gets involved with Dylan’s surfer friend Jake Hanson – what show did his character later appear in: Melrose Place.
18) In summer school what play did David and Donna act out a scene from: Romeo and Juliet.
19) What was the name of Dylan’s mother: Iris.
20) The only other question we got wrong. Well, we just couldn’t remember who it was and there ended up being some audience controversy about this one too. The question was about who Kelly revealed she lost her virginity to during the season 1 sleepover episode. We couldn’t remember the guy’s name so we wrote…what we wrote (see picture). Turns out the name she said was Ross (we did remember he was a football player!). Years later in the college episodes a character named John Sears is introduced and Kelly reveals that John is the guy she lost her virginity to in high school. The hosts deemed both answers acceptable after some back and forth from passionate fans!!! Haha.

I’m sooooooo tempted to host a 90210 trivia night in the new year.

On Saturday MM and I visited the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District. This is my second year visiting the market and we made sure to bookend our visit with mulled wine. Because we’re awesome. Here are some photos.

nov2012 061


nov2012 062

The market got packed once the rain let up a bit. I would like to go back again this year when there`s some snow instead of rain.

nov2012 063

Enjoying some mulled wine. Yum.


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