My Groundhog Day

This has more or less been the scene every Friday night for the last few years at various LCBO’s in Toronto’s west end.

Scene: Jenn enters the LCBO around 8 p.m. Typically, she is heading home from the gym and is still in gym clothes and likely carrying takeout from a sushi restaurant or churrasqueira. She grabs a bottle of wine ranging from $8.95 to $12.95 depending on if it’s a pay week. She heads to the cashier.

Cashier: Hey how’s it going?

Jenn: Great! How are you?

Cashier: Great. Do you have Air Miles?

Jenn: Nope. [reaches for wallet]

Cashier: Um…

Jenn: [waiting, expectantly]

Cashier: Can I see your ID?

Jenn: [smiles, ID already in hand] Sure. Here you go. And thanks!

Cashier: [confused, glances at ID] Seriously? Wow.

Jenn: I know, right?!

Cashier: Wow. I thought…

Jenn: I know.

Cashier: But you look…

Jenn: I know.

Cashier: You must get ID’d-

Jenn: -All the time

Cashier: All the time!

Jenn: Yup

Cashier: Good for you! [ed note: this only occurs with female cashiers] Do you want cash back?

Jenn: No. Wait, yes. No. Ok, yes I should. Sorry, I’m really indecisive. Must be a teenage affliction. [laughs]

Cashier: Huh? [looks momentarily panicked]

Jenn: Never mind. Have a good night!


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