Well Played, Cloud Atlas

So on a whim last night H and I decided to go see Cloud Atlas. I’d heard about it (it got a ton of buzz at this year’s TIFF) but to be honest I hadn’t planned on seeing it. Based on the trailer, I had the nagging suspicion that it was going to be confusing-on-purpose and pretentious and preachy affair. I hate arty shit like that (I’m talking to you David Lynch), and staunchly avoid buzzed-about movies with bizarro trailers like The Tree of Life and Melancholia. I just..can’t.

But it turns out….

I love, love, LOVED this movie.

I was worried I wouldn’t ‘get it’ but there’s really nothing to ‘get.’ Yes, there are a number of interweaving story lines and yes, the main actors (including Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Jim Sturgess (♥) and Jim Broadbent) play a number of characters in but the scenes transition seamlessly and the result is quite amazing. I highly recommend giving it a go. If only for the amazing visual effects (I would expect nothing less from the Wachowskis – they did the Matrix) and tasteful nudity.

Here’s the trailer:


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