Bits & Pieces

Ah Friday. It took you forever (it seems) to get here. Let’s make these next 2 days count, shall we?

Here are some bits and pieces that made my week:

-Hilarious ‘Parenting Test’ – do you think you are ready to have children?

-Tweet of the week.

-So this is apparently a list of the best cheesy action movies from the 90s. Um…..except for numbers 5 and 8 I love every movie on this list. I guess I just love me some cheesy action movies!

-LOVE this Halloween costume idea.

Why it’s ok to live your life like a TV character.

-This Toronto bartender is Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger, no?

-This is why I don’t go to Haunted Houses: the fear that someone will take a picture of me being scared. And also, because I might just pee myself in fear.

-Did Katie Holmes divorce her stylist too? What is this outfit?




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