I’m in an O.C spiral and I need you to pull me out

I go through phases where I’ll marathon an entire TV series from start to finish on DVD over the course of a few weeks.

I should probably mention here that I don’t have cable.

Sometimes I’ll even put on a show I’ve practically memorized (the original Beverly Hills 90210, Seinfeld or Friends) just to have some background noise while I’m “washing dishes” (tossing takeout containers) and “putting on makeup in the morning” (eating handfuls of marshmallows and trying to talk myself into going for a run, which I never do). In the past, I’ve also done this with Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City (so.many.times).

Recently, I got back into The O.C.

And that’s where everything starts to get a little fuzzy.

After re-watching the first season (which I own), I borrowed seasons 2 through 4 from a friend and plowed through those in a few weeks. But when it ended (the final season hurt to watch, it was so bad), instead of starting something new I went back and re-watched season 1 again. I was in an O.C. spiral of quippy Seth Cohen one-liners and scandalous Julie Cooper-Nichol affairs and I didn’t know how to pull myself out. Things got…weird.

Recently, R called me on a Sunday afternoon. Our conversation went as follows:

R: ARE YOU IN A CLUB?????!!!!

Me: No. I’m watching the O.C. and they’re in a club and I haven’t left my apartment in 24 hours so I turned up the volume to…you know…feel like a part of something.

R: Oh lord.

I knew then that I had a problem. So this weekend I decided it was time to say goodbye to Mischa Barton’s (Marissa Cooper) atrocious acting and Summer Roberts’ over-glossed lips and venture into unknown waters. I bought season 1 of both Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I think I’ll enjoy watching people smoke in suits and make meth.

Do you have any TV shows or movies that you watch over and over again?


The O.C.


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