NxNE Mini Review – Paper Lions (June 15 – The Elmocambo) and a little Ryan O’Reilly Too

After 2:54 at Lee’s we pit-stopped for pizza (natch) and then headed to Sneaky Dee’s to catch a bit of Odonis Odonis…and lasted about 10 minutes there. Anyone who’s ever been to see a band upstairs at Dee’s would probs agree that it’s not the best venue unless you want to be crammed and sweating right in front of the stage, which is rather low and so anyone standing more than 10 feet back can barely see. Also, one gets the feeling that at any minute a surge of people bringing the venue to over=capacity could clause the floor to give. Kinda scary.

So we made our way to The Elmo to catch the tail end of Ryan O’Reilly (amaze!) and see the Paper Lions set. I’d seen Paper Lions once before, also at The Elmo, and gosh I just love them. They’re so fun to watch and so happy and upbeat. I described them as “cutesy” to MM but I meant it in the best way possible. They put a huge smile on my face. Which made it awkward to drink my vodka soda. White girl problems.

Hailing from P.E.I, Paper Lions is all melodic pop, catchy sing-along choruses and pure enthusiasm. They’re the perfect soundtrack for a picnic in the park or a road trip or even for a shitty day you’re trying to make better.

You can download their new acoustic EP At Long Creek here for free. I’ve been humming it since yesterday.

Rating 5/5

Paper Lions website: http://paperlions.com/

And some Ryan O’Reilly thrown in for good measure…


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