NxNE Mini Review – Black Belles (June 14 – Dakota Tavern)

After Belle Starr and Tia Brazda at the Dakota, I made the short trek over to The Garrison to see what all the fuss about the Black Belles was about. Jack White is a huge fan (and signed them on his record label) which should have been my first hint that I wouldn’t love them.

In short, the Black Belles are an all-girl rock/grunge/goth group in matching black floppy hats, and I’d bet money they buy black eyeliner in bulk. Lead singer Olivia Jean has great stage presence but holds her guitar so awkwardly I got a sympathy hand cramp.

I was willing to overlook the matchy-matchy makeup and clothing but something about the whole performance just didn’t work for me. But based on the number of people crammed into The Garrison it would seem that I’m in the minority with that opinion. If they ever roll through town again I’d go see them because I want to like them, if that makes any sense.

Rating 3/5 (because although they aren’t really my bag musically, the drummer is great and the singer had some brilliant moments and good pipes)

Black Belles website: http://theblackbelles.com/



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