NxNE Mini Review – Animal Talk (June 13 – The Painted Lady)

The music portion of North by Northeast (aka NxNE) kicked off yesterday. The festival boasts 780 bands playing at various venues across Toronto, and runs through Sunday, June 17.


If you’re interested in a few of the bands that are playing, you may want to invest in a wristband (full festival and 1-day options available) or splurge on a priority pass for front-of-the-line access. Individual shows can cost you anywhere from $5 to $15 bucks a pop. More info on NxNE passes can be found here: http://nxne.com/tickets/

For the more budget-conscious music fan, there are tons of great free acts playing Yonge- Dundas Square. For the full lineup at YDS, visit: http://nxne.com/category/yonge-dundas-square/

June 13 – Night One

The only band on my agenda last night was Animal Talk who played the Painted Lady on Ossington. The Boston-based foursome packed the bar with an appealing set of dance-y rock tunes. The crazy part? They’ve only been playing together for like a year. Never would’ve guessed.

Rating 5/5

Animal Talk website: http://animaltalkmusic.com/wordpress/


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