This is a Picture Post

Here are some photos from the May long weekend, which I spent in Montreal visiting
with my cousins and friends.

On board the VIA train to Montreal in my new Converse.

La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal.

Avenue Des Artistes in the Old Port of Montreal.

The Old Port.

These red balls decorate the streets throughout the Village.

This art installation appears to be a random assortment of letters. You have to look through a viewfinder to reveal the message….

This roughly translates to: “There will be a place for each of the liberties that you want to allow yourself.”

More Village art.

The Village is known for its numerous patios. Perfect place to have a drink and people watch.

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday on a patio in the Village with C.

An amazing Indian restaurant on boulevard Saint-Laurent.

In front of my favourite brunch place in Montreal – Le Vieux Velo.

At the St. Ambroise brewery, enjoying a pitcher of their apricot beer.

Parc Lafontaine in Plateau Mont-Royal.

Back in Toronto…

On the rooftop terrace of the Le Germain Hotel in Toronto.

Yummy haddock on a bun from St. Lawrence Market.

My office cork board stops many a passerby in their tracks.

My ‘Tights are NOT Pants’ manifesto, a cute card from my office mate, and some Dr. Who paraphernalia.

A South Park-inspired self portrait and Beyonce the metal rooster (knock-knock, motherfucker). For more on Beyonce the metal rooster, go here:

Other stuff

We made May 31st ‘One Direction Day’ at the office and…well…this happened. I’m on the bottom left, kissing Harry Styles (natch).


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