Bits & Pieces

Hey ho,

Time for another round-up of bits and pieces that made my (three-day) week a bit better.

  • I recently re-watched Sixteen Candles because I found it for $5 at Walmart and thought – “Oh I’ve seen this but don’t own it??!! That’s weird. I love John Hughes movies. I thought I owned all of them. I watch The Breakfast Club like twice a month. Score!” And then I watched it and remembered that it kinda sucks (sorry!). I texted MM that I didn’t actually like the movie AT ALL and that it was beyond unrealistic, even for a teen flick. She…heartily disagreed with my opinion. But it turns out I’m not the only one who thinks Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan would never have worked in real life.
  • I hightailed it out of the suburbs so fast post-high school that I left roadrunner type cartoon smoke in my wake, and I haven’t looked back. I’m a total city girl, but sometimes I do long for certain aspects of the suburbs (mostly the Red Lobster and Costco). This article on ‘Top 10 Signs You Are Not a City Person’ made me laugh out loud (especially #4).
  • This twisted ponytail is going to be my go-to lazy summer hair style for hot days and hangover brunches.

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