Turning Japanese

I’m turning Japanese

I think I’m turning Japanese

I really think so

Um, that’s pretty much the whole song.

Today I was showing pictures of my trip to Japan to a new co-worker, because one of my favourite things to do is talk about my trip to Japan whenever I can.

For realsies.

I’m typically excited to meet new people solely because I get to talk about my trip to Japan. I will find any excuse I can to bring it up. For example, this morning I was in a tea shop with H and was admiring a teapot with a cherry blossom print on it and from there I managed to lure an employee of the shop into a 5 minute conversation about how although I love Tokyo there really is something special about Kyoto. Her eyes actually lit up at the mention of Kyoto and how she’s always wanted to go. To which I replied (as I always do): “Oh! You totally should. You have to go.” All the while giving my now signature half-smile with just a touch of pity, tapering into a soft sigh of wistful longing and remembrance all wrapped up in just the faintest hint of superiority.

It’s a skill.

And a disease.

I can’t help it. From Stuff White People Like #58 – Japan: “If you find yourself in an awkward silence with white people, just mention how you want to go to Japan. They will immediately begin talking about their trip to Japan, or their favorite stuff from Japan, but it will be entirely about them. This is useful as you no longer have to talk, and they will like you for letting them talk about themselves.

Here are some photos from my trip to Japan in June of 2008 with MM and K. You should go.

Handy handles on the pricier, above ground trains

Pretty flowers in the Imperial Palace - East Garden

Imperial Palace - East Garden

Vending machines everywhere! (some even dish out full meals)

In the heart of Tokyo

Storefront in Tokyo

Fans in a Kyoto market

Temple grounds in Kyoto

Temple Grounds in Kyoto

Kyoto Station - massive!

Signage in the Tsukiji Fish Market

An artisan in the Tsukiji Fish Market

View from the Park Hyatt Tokyo (the hotel from Lost in Translation)

Shibuya - home of the world's busiest pedestrian crossing

Cute house in Aoyama - I wanted to move in!

Shopping in Harajuku

A sushi-train restaurant - I wish they had these in Canada


2 thoughts on “Turning Japanese

  1. I long for the conveyor belt sushi as well. However, NYC has at least two (one is of dubious quality, the other is…at a whole foods market). Perhaps the whole foods in Toronto would have it? Also, was your “in the heart of Tokyo” taken in Ginza?


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