Funny Girls in Tight Jeans

From time to time on this blog I like to post email conversations between my devastatingly witty galpal M and I. She’s like a superhero carpenter now, having left the corporate world for a better life that also involves wearing a kicky tool-belt.

On this particular Friday in September of 2010 we were in fine form. Meaning we were hungover and thinking about how many veggie burgers we would slam down that night.

M: Next time someone needs to get out of town, we should totally go to Miami(sburg OH)! –

J: How do I not LIVE there already? Bizarre. Randomly, I love Ohio. But I’ve never visited the Mound Advanced Technology Centre. Honeymoon?

M: I love Ohio too!! I was completely obsessed with Cleveland this year; but Miamisburg… there’s just some sort of pull, you know? It’s probably the mound. Or the spring fling –  those wrist bands are good at the carnival for FOUR HOURS! The quality of those carnies is probably through the friggin’ moon! I’m pretty excited to go to the Bath & Body Works at lunch today. I’ve been meaning to go all week but since I don’t sleep at night any more I’ve been napping on my lunch, clearly. It’s going to be cold this weekend and rainy so maybe [our friend] P wants to pack up his scags and take them on an adventure. Or, just say he wants to and then find a group of clean girls who smell like triple frappuccinos and go out with them instead?  How was your night last night?

J: Quality Carnies. I smell a franchise. I’m always excited at Bath & Body Works. It’s really easy to steal from there. I worked late last night. So, really I just streamed MTV reality shows in my office. I made some bad outfit decisions this morning because I slept in and couldn’t be assed to look good. I wouldn’t even wear this outfit for a quick run to the store for some Hot Pockets‏

M: Oh my – Quality Carnies MUST be an all-night pancake house too. The rain is coming down like my tears in the shower, so I don’t know how well it will be to BBQ tonight – but I will be thinking of Rob Lowe when I’m using my seven new things from Bath & Body Works in the shower this evening. I’ll pick up a box of wine. Of course.

J: It’s supposed to stop raining by 4 p.m.

M: Then it is ON like Rob Lowe’s house alarm because I violated the terms of the restraining order.

J: You don’t have the code? It’s 5366 (or to make it easier to remember: J-E-N-N). Boom.


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