Well Played, Emmy Rossum

I spent many years actively hating on Emmy Rossum (and helping others come to the same realization). She made it so easy. I could take any man, woman or child on the street and within minutes help them to see what deep down they had known all along: she’s kind of an annoying whorenado masquerading as a sickly sweet doe eyed princess. Barf.

Exhibit A:

But I really, really, really love her as Fiona on the US version of Shameless. Typically I am opposed to remakes of cult British series but this one really works. You should watch it. I swear she’s not annoying at all. She’s kind of a dirty skank but a smart and hard working and all around awesome dirty skank. Yeah, she’s my hero.

Youtube won’t let me embed this clip but click here and observe.


Well played Emmy Rossum. You can’t see me right now, but I’m slow clapping.


3 thoughts on “Well Played, Emmy Rossum

  1. Kat says:

    Were you a part of the Private Schoolers Against Emmy Rossum livejournal? There were some serious haters on there. But it seems to have been dead for quite a long time.


  2. Kat says:

    Yeah! If you google it it’s still there. I never knew about it when it was actually active, not that I would have been on there :), but it can still be interesting to see what people are saying.


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