This is like ‘Since U Been Gone’ all over again

Once and a while a pop song comes along that is so catchy, so maddeningly addictive, so…perfect. You find yourself singing it in the shower or into the mouth of your favourite Starbucks barista.

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce you to: Call Me Maybe.

Just watch. I’ll wait.

So, you’re in right? You’re in.

Remember when you tried to resist liking Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’? Pointless. ‘Call Me Maybe’ will invade your soul and you will let it. You’ll even welcome it.

My favourite thing about all this is that I LOVED Carly Rae when she was on Canadian Idol a few years back (is that show ever coming back?). I was devastated when she was eliminated, finishing in 3rd place (and as the only remaining female in the competition) to Brian Melo. Who? Exactly.


And, you’re welcome.



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