Stuff On My Fridge

I realized the other day that I’ve been using my fridge as a sort of ‘inspiration board’ or  cork board for ‘stuff’ for a few years now. It’s where I proudly display my travel magnets, postcards from friends who’ve moved away or travelled abroad, homages to 80’s movie icons, and pictures of other people’s cute babies.

Here’s a photo of what’s on my fridge as of this morning:

Stuff on my fridge

Let’s  take a closer look at some of this craziness, shall we?

  • ‘Stop being a douchebag’ magnet from the One of a Kind Show.

Douche magnet

  • Sassy side-eye rooster magnet, also from the One of a Kind Show.

Side-eye sassy magnet

  • Wedding photo of one of my favourite couples, M and J.

  • My Texas magnet, purchased on a stop-over en route to Las Vegas.

Go Texas!

  • Magnet from The Strand – an amazing NYC bookstore.

A New York City institution

  • A postcard from my friend P from Boston who’s now living in Brooklyn. But I’m secretly hoping we can lure him back to Toronto….

Postcard from Pete

  • The cast of St Elmo’s Fire – one of my favourite movies and the inspiration behind a group Halloween costume two years ago. It’s secured to my fridge with my red-head shakes fist magnet. OHMYGOD Rob Lowe was so effing handsome. Still is!

My Brat Pack

  • My Ossington subway magnet (my station stop), securing the most ridiculous postcard of all time from Nice, France from my friend K. You can just see the tip of a cat’s ear on the right side. WHY IS THERE A CAT ON A POSTCARD OF NICE? Haha.

Neighbourhood shout out


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