Countdown to Curacao

In a few short weeks I’ll be heading to Curacao for a week of awkward sunburns, drunk reading, and some snorkelling. I may even do some scuba diving, but I’ll have to see how the snorkelling goes first. I’ve not done either, and it may turn out that I’m as scared of being underwater for extended periods of time as I am of clowns and perms.

I’ve already started to plan my packing (yes, I do this). I wish I could be one of those people who throws some bathing suits, sunscreen and a pair of flip-flops into a backpack and call it a day, but I’m not. Despite my laissez-faire attitude when it comes to wearing makeup (almost never) and brushing my hair (you don’t want to know), and packing cute outfits (only if I know someone is bringing a camera), I like to have my stuff with me. Even if I don’t use it. My trusty neon pink Hays suitcase (pictured below next to K’s when we were off to Tokyo a few years ago) is a 4-day to 1-week sized suitcase if I pack smart. It’s also super easy to spot on a conveyor belt, natch.

My suitcase - right

I’ve stocked up on sunscreen and I bought some cheap snorkelling gear from Winners (let’s hope it works!). Now I’m amusing myself with google image searches of ‘Curacao.’


I don’t know who this little freak is, but if she’s there when I’m there I will kick her down mid-cartwheel.

I won't be doing this in Curacao

Here’s the capital city of Curacao – Willemstad. How Dutch and adorable! Kind of like me. Snort.

Willemstad - the capital city of Curacao

Can’t. Wait.

More Curacao. Am I there yet?


4 thoughts on “Countdown to Curacao

  1. P says:

    allot of sunscreen, cute bikini’s (mix & match). ready to wear dresses for when going to the beach. flip flops! and always carry a bottle of water cause it’s really hot over there


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