Funny Girls in Tight Jeans

From time to time I like to post old email conversations between my friend M and I because we’re not great people but we are really funny. This one is from September 2, 2010. Also known as 90210 day.

I didn’t even realize it at first, the whole 90210 day thing. I comb youtube for clips of the original Beverly Hills 90210 series on a daily basis, so I didn’t notice at first the saturation of 90210-related mentions all over facebook and twitter. I just figured that everyone had finally caught on to the amazingness. Actually, I probably didn’t even think about it because it’s so ‘normal’ to me, like talking about Carrie Bradshaw as if she’s a real person who I am also friends with. That morning I searched for a clip of the big love triangle fiasco final fight between Brenda-Dylan-Kelly and posted it on M’s facebook wall and she responded something about 90210 day and I thought ‘Isn’t EVERY day 90210 day?’ and just went with it. It wasn’t until about 3:30 p.m. that I caught on when a co-worker stopped by my office and literally shouted ‘Happy 90210 day!’ right into my uterus.

It was the best day.

Here is the email convo between M and myself:

M: It’s 90210 today! Let’s get in our mom jeans and act like we’re just about to make our with our twin!!!!

J: Let’s! And can we discuss why they are always wearing jackets? It’s hot in Cali, right? Like all the time? So much spandex. So much flower print. So many perfectly sculpted sideburns. Remember when Scott shot himself. So funny. Right?

M: I want to be in flower print tights immediately.  Like right now. I think it’s more temperate in California, like 22 everyday?  Or sweating all day every day will drop your dress size in a week.

J: Speaking of sweating to death, I need to lose 23 pounds before I get to Vegas in a month. Do-able? Cut to me google-ing ‘liquid diet’ and then modifying my search to include ‘alcohol.’

…later…(3:33 p.m.)

J: Ohmygod I just realized that it’s actually 9/02/10 day.

M: Wait – for you this is all a coincidence?  Your super power IS pop culture!!


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