Stuff I Bought for Myself When I Should Have Been Shopping for Other People

In my defense (gosh I start a lot of sentences this way), I was pretty much done with my Christmas shopping by December 1st minus a few small gifts, but every year I get lured into holiday sales, the One of a Kind Show, Christmas markets and cute little boutiques full of stuff I mustbuynow. I officially finished my Christmas shopping yesterday (booyah).

Over the past few weeks I’ve acquired the following for myself:

Pretty leaf necklace

Winter hats from Ardene (2 for $15)

This amazing print purchased at the One of a Kind Show and made by Pascal Normand of Rustique Design in Montreal (

Dress which I plan to take to Curacao in January - I had my eye on it in the summer but it sold out the day after I spotted it. Found it in the store yesterday and my cousin got me 20% off since it's off season. Woot!

When Banana Republic has a 40% off everything sale, you can bet I'm lining up. I scored some pants and tops for work - my favourite items were this thin denim button down and v-neck silk coral top.

So tell me, do you find yourself shopping for yourself at the holidays when you should be focusing on gifts for family and friends?



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