Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery

My cousin and a friend were in town from Montreal this weekend. They’re big fans of the Christmas/Holiday Markets in Paris, so when I suggested we visit the Christmas Market at The Distillery they were excited to check it out.

I realized I’d never been to the Distillery in the winter. During the Spring and Summer months, it’s normal for 3 to 4 weddings to be taking place on any given Saturday or Sunday. I really enjoy making fun of ugly bridesmaids dresses, but in the winter there’s fewer wedding parties meandering about and twisting their ankles because they’re wearing stilettos and walking on cobblestone. It was freezing cold but no snow yet. I think I would like to go back at night once there’s a bit of snow. Until then, here are some photos from  our visit today and a video about the market. It runs until December 18 – go check it out if you can!

Happy Sunday my lovelies.


Heading into the Christmas Market at The Distillery (Toronto)

Getting cut-eye from a reindeer

Christmas tree at the Christmas Market in The Distillery (Toronto)

Getting up close and personal with the Christmas tree

Oh hi, I'm frozen


Only children would find joy in freezing their asses off on an outdoor carousel in December

Installations that would probably look better at night or covered in snow

While kneeling to get this shot, a small child actually vaulted over my back

The smell of coffee mingling with the scent of greenery is delicious!


Hot chocolate + outdoor heaters = genius!

Warming up with hot apple cider

Outdoor decor


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