The Ballet (We Fancy, Huh?)

Last night MM and I went to the ballet.  I’d always wanted to go to a ballet but worried it would be as boring as the Opera (so boring I almost fell asleep writing thissdfsnjkdgnsklbgSHKGbKSDJBGJKbHBSHJBbhbhbsd oh sorry I just fell asleep on my keyboard). Also, I totally spelled ‘Opera’ out as ‘Oprah’ in my first draft of this post and when first writing this exact sentence. Ah, how The Mighty Oprah lingers in ones subconscious. Still devastated that I never got to give her a full on, full body hug in matching v-neck Christmas sweaters.

Anyhoodle. Back to the ballet. It was a National Ballet of Canada production. It’s gotten rave reviews and I thought that since I’m a HUGE fan of the play, this may be a good way to ease into my life as a fancy lady who attends the ballet.

So good. SO GOOD!

Loved! I DIED for the music. I’m dead now. It was that good. This is me, dead.

Trailer below.

Go now! Be fancy!

Sidenote: A few years back K, MM and I took a Power Barre workout/dance class hybrid at City Dance Corps and loved it. I enjoyed it so much I went on to take the actual beginners ballet class. That class was less fun and more…funny (not funny haha). As it turns out, wearing one’s hair in a tight bun does not a ballerina make. Great workout though and I credit that class with really giving my calves some great definition that I had previously been unable to achieve power walking home from McDonalds so my fries don’t get cold.


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