Discount Sperm

My friend A emailed me this article yesterday.

Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait.

My immediate reaction was: “Well, I love a good discount.”

Followed closely by: “I’ll pretty much buy anything if it’s on sale. They’re practically paying ME to take the sperm.”

Some highlights of the article (well, I mean, the whole thing was a highlight and the jokes are just writing themselves at this point):

  • “We have too much sperm..”
  • “We have received a number of complaints from redheads from all over the world. Some are very angry, even aggressive.”
  • “These days, Cryos representatives spend a great deal of time turning away angry redheaded donor candidates.”

I think we can all agree that this story was planted by some sort of ginge hating coalition. I would totally read their newsletter but would not be able to participate in any of their special events because I think they would suspect that I was, in fact, born a ginge.

Not quite this ginge-y, but you get the idea.

Ginge Baby







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