Bits & Pieces

Hello Friday!

I’m off to Niagara Falls for the weekend to visit my mom and eat a lot of bacon. It’s our thing. There will also be a trip to Red Lobster (must remember to line my purse for maximum thieving of cheddar biscuits with minimal crumbs) and a lot of chick flick watching (seriously, I shudder to remember a world before the ‘W’ network existed). Hope y’all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Here are some Bits & Pieces that caught my (itchy, red, allergy) eye this week.


Summer is coming to an end. Accept it. STOP CRYING. And start drinking. How refreshing does this sangria recipe sound?

Have you read Divergent yet? Get on that. I’m now reading The Help and it’s absolutely fantastic – highly recommend it. I’m dying to see the movie but I’m willing myself to finish the book first.

I haven’t gotten around to seeing The Change Up yet (and, frankly, the reviews were less than stellar) but if this video is any indication, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds have amaze balls chemistry!

I have become addicted to Bliss products that I took from the ALOFT hotel in Brooklyn (and the cleaning lady’s cart – what??!! No judgment!) when MM and I stayed there in July. I particularly like the blood orange + white pepper hand cream. Heavenly.

I’ve officially decided that Mumford & Sons are my favourite band du jour. Officially. I mean – right??!!

I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT this watch. Hard.

So, like, cats are just messing with us?

Also, I’m all about the term  ‘douche-canoe’. I’ve already used it twice today! Just wanted to put that out there.





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