Bits & Pieces

Happy Sunday my lovelies!

Sometimes a girl just runs out of steam. After dancing my face off Friday night at Crawford (sweaty dance party amazingness brought to you by the hot, hip folks at Slapback Media) and 2 hours on my feet dancing away at the Britney Spears concert last night at the Air Canada Centre, I’m looking forward to accomplishing a whole lot of nothing today.

Cut to me, sitting on my couch with a bucket of tea and Gilmore Girls Season 6 to marathon.


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and are spending today doing something you love with the people you love (even if they are the fictional but oh-so-entertaining Gilmore’s, whom I happen to care about more than people I’ve actually met).

Here are some bits & pieces that made my week:

John Stamos’ Guide to Cuddling – featuring a very surprise guest! Oh Uncle Jesse.

Are you watching Torchwood’s Miracle Day series? It’s about half way through now and I can’t wait to see how they wrap it up.

I absolutely hate bananas, but this could make me reconsider.

Peeing while wearing a romper – always a frustrating endeavour. Here’s how to navigate a bathroom while wearing a romper!

Ok, I know shark week is over (sigh). And I didn’t see any sharks (bonus?).  Lest we forget.

I love this great interview with staff of the Toronto Public Library.

I bought a used copy of She’s Having A Baby on DVD ($3!) and I confess to totally watching this scene over and over. Plus, HOW FREAKING CUTE WAS KEVIN BACON????? And Kate Bush’s voice still give me chills.

Last week my friend B and I decided to try an Intro to Pole Dancing class at Flirty Girl Fitness. I had taken the class 3 years ago and all I could remember was: ouch. Well, OUCH. My legs were covered in  unsightly bruises for days. Apparently I “launch myself at the pole” or something. It’s a great workout though. But may I recommend you wear pants?  In related news, check out this hilarious pole dancing clip from the show The King of Queens.

I just really think that me and this girl would be best friends if we ever met. She makes one hell of a drunk omelette.

Last weekend I ventured out to Hamilton with R and MM to see NKOTBSB. That’s right – New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys have joined forces on tour. Brill.Things we said during the concert:
“If they would have pulled me up on stage I would’ve shat myself”
“I would’ve barfed”
“I would’ve cried”
“If I were wearing underwear I would throw it SO HARD at Joey right now”
“WHAT’S NEXT????!!!!”

I have this song on repeat at work and home. The King And All Of His Men by Wolf Gang. Oh great, now I’m dancing in my apartment again.



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