Countdown to Brooklyn and New York City!

MM and I are heading to NYC for the third time in a few days and I couldn’t be more excited – particularly since this time around we’ll be staying in Brooklyn at the brand new ALOFT hotel. We’ll also be spending more time in the Lower East Side/East Village/Meatpacking District/Chelsea this go around, as we covered mid-town and the upper East and West sides plus all the main touristy stuff on our first two trips. I’m looking forward to seeing (ie. eating and drinking!) all that Brooklyn has to offer, particularly Williamsburg.

Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to:


 We did the Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka the ‘MET’) on a previous trip and it was massive and a bit overwhelming. You could spend days in there and not see everything. I loved it, but I’ve really been looking forward to MoMA this time.



This is another thing we wanted to do on a past trip but just never got around to it. This time, it’s a must!



 It’s Restaurant Week when we’re in New York so we are taking full advantage of the fixed-price menus. After researching a bunch of places we decided on Butter. Hope it’s as good as it sounds!



Pizza from Grimaldi’s Pizzeria under the Brooklyn Bridge



  • The Marc Jacobs Accessories Store

MM brought me back the purple key chain on her last trip.


  • Eating and drinking EVERYTHING

The list of restaurants and bars I want to go to are more than anyone could cover in a month. I have 3 days. Mission: accepted.


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