North by Northeast Music Festival 2011

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. Usually, nothing tickles my pickle more than throwing myself head-first into a music festival blowing through town and then blogging the shit out of it. Please forgive. So….

Welcome back NxNE!!! And thanks, once again, for not falling on my birthday this year. It was nice to turn 23 for the 7th year in a row without having to schedule events around sets and parties!

Here’s what’s been happening so far:

Wednesday, June 15: NxNE Opening Night Gala at 99 Sudbury

Picked up my complimentary (thanks M!) Priority Pass at the Hyatt, rushed home, ho’d up, and headed back out for my first official night of NxNE’ing. You know what makes me want to high-five a million angels?

1) Being guest listed for a great/exclusive party (snob! oh god I hate myself for writing that but I hate lineups and 19 year olds and guestlist is like birth control for idiots)

2) Free booze (unless it’s schnapps related)

3) Free food (unless it involves beets or Ethiopian cuisine)

The NxNE Opening Night Gala had all three. Boom.

If it was 1998, I would be doing a ‘raise the roof’ motion at my desk right now. Instead I’m just weeping a little out of my left eye which is something I do when I’m going blind from exhaustion. No biggie.

It was a great night to catch up with friends and compare festival “must-see’s,” “may-see’s” and “only if I’m not passed out in a gutter by then’s.”  I just made all these words up, methinks. Didn’t make it out to any shows because, frankly, walking away from extra beer tickets (the gods were smiling on us) is bad karma in my book. Had I managed to tear myself away from 99 Sudbury I would’ve checked out Parlovr and We Are Wolves at The Horseshoe.

Thursday, June 16: My feet hurt!

After work I bee-lined for Analogue Gallery on Queen West at Bathurst to hang out with the cool kids from Slapback. They had a whole NxNE BBQ/show thing happening with Modernboys Moderngirls and Neil Quin from Zeus, and Meet The Blue (from Ireland), among others. Then it was off to Yonge and Dundas Square for Rusty (why do I remember so much of their stuff?) and F***ed Up. Both great sets but I had to book it before The Descendents came on – the crowd was overwhelming and I wasn’t wearing my riot-proof underpants. Also, I like my teeth. They’ve cost me a lot over the last year and I’d rather they not end up under the combat boot of an insurance adjuster attempting to reclaim his youth.

I limped over to the Vice Magazine party after that for more free beers (I’ve been on a Mill Street Organic kick this week – they sponsor like everything. I’m pretty sure they sponsor intercourse during the festival) and some bands. Hottie British actor Robert Pattison – in town filming a movie – also hit up the Vice party. Oh of all the times to have left my roofies at home. Dang.

Anyhoodle. I then made my way (calves crying, feet screaming) to The Horseshoe Tavern for the P.S. I Love You set. The ‘Shoe was packed and sweaty (just the way I like it). Solid set.

Then it was off to The Silver Dollar for Dirty Beaches but it was literally a sauna in there. Unbearable. Retreated to the back patio for air and a much needed bench. Will try and catch them tonight at Lee’s Palace instead.

Then onto one of my fave new NxNE traditions: the NOW Magazine afterparty at the NOW Lounge. It hits the same 3 criteria as above (aka the trifecta of awesome). I don’t even want to talk about how late it was when I got home and into bed but…birds were chirping. Birds. Were. Chirping.

And that brings me to tonight. Hmm….may I suggest?:

7:30 p.m. – Diamond Rings at Yonge-Dundas Square (FREE)

10 p.m. – Dirty Beaches at Lee’s Palaca

11 p.m. – BRAIDS at The Garrison

12 a.m. – Crocodiles at The Silver Dollar

1 a.m. – Ty Segall at Wrongbar

2 a.m. – Sheezer at Sneaky Dee’s

3 a.m. – Give Us The Daggers at Silver Dollar

Happy NxNE!


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