10 More Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1) I sing a lot. Alone in my apartment. Loudly. Mostly ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline, which I think is fitting. And secretly, I think I sing it pretty well.

2) I fantasize about having sexual relations with Food Network goddess Ina Garten (aka the Barefoot Contessa) in a pool of crème fraîche.

3) I hate Radiohead. Frankly, I think people who CLAIM to like them MUST be lying because it just makes no sense. You’re all joking, right? This is some silly joke that got out of hand at some point and now its just easier to keep the lie going – kinda like John Travolta’s ‘marriage’? I need to know you’re joking. Is it because one person said Radiohead were weird and deep so everyone else jumped on the bandwagon because it was just easier then actually LISTENING to their music? Because if Radiohead is a band, then I’M in a band. Because we’re equally talented. There. I said it.

4) I will eat anything with cranberries or brie in it or on it. Anything.

5) I go to the movies JUST so I can eat movie nachos and cheese. The more radioactive the cheese, the better.

6) I am dangerously into anything 80s. Movies, music, what evs. I wish I had been born in 1969 so that I would have been in high school during the meaty part of the 80s when it was all scrunchies and denim vests and big hair and dancing was illegal and John Bender was my boyfriend and Ferris Bueller stole my car and..oh…I seem to have gotten carried away there. You get the gist.

7) I know more about the lives/loves/bad outfit choices/rehab treatments of celebrities then I know about most of my friends. To clarify, my friends do not have bad outfit choices or rehab stints. Just the lives and loves part.

8) I throw up a lot because I have a weak stomach and a slight allergy to tomatoes that I persistently ignore.

9) I’ve been to 2 Ashlee Simpson concerts on purpose.

10) I steal 2 pieces of cheese and 1 container of jam to eat with my morning muffin every single day from the little café in my building. Seriously. I have never paid for cheese or jam there. And I don’t feel bad about it. It makes me feel tall.


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