Hello, Long Weekend

I’ve been so looking forward to the Easter long weekend (especially since I booked Monday off, making it a four day weekend). I’m spending the weekend with my folks, gorging on ham and chocolate. So, it’s pretty much like every other weekend, really. But with hazy Jesus undertones and more wine.

I’m excited to catch up on some reading. I’ve been dying to delve into ‘Your Voice in My Head’ by Emma Forrest. Sounds like my kind of crazy! And I’m determined to finish the so-truly-awful-it’s-almost-good-no-actually-it’s-awful-but-now-I-feel-like-it’s-my-literary-Everest-and-I-need-to-conquer-it Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal who writes like she took a writing workshop taught by a Southern state Miss America contestant. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I’m determined to freshen up my pre-Costa Rica pedicure with my fave shade (oh yeah, I stockpiled) of OPI: On Collins Avenue, while rocking a face mask and my comfy knee socks (a recent obsession, I now own 15 pairs) and watching my favourite movie of all time The Breakfast Club. I will also dedicate between 4 to 9 hours watching/reading anything and everything Royal Wedding related. It’s 8 days away and I’ve already started referring to Kate Middleton in casual conversation as if we’re old friends. Her sister’s name is Pippa. How fucked is that? PIPPA??! If people are calling their daughters Pippa, I can so have the name Lake for any future (unplanned) children. Right? RIGHT?!

What are you up to this long weekend? Hope it’s a great one spent with family and friends, but without new STDs or made-for-TV movies starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.


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