What No One Says

Had a thought last night (be forewarned: this thought came about after a few pints). And it was this: whenever you hear on the news of some random man being murdered you can always tell who the ‘good guys’ were (the family men, pillars of the community, hockey coaches, etc.) versus the assface douchebag sleazebuckets. Whenever a ‘good guy’ is murdered, they always interview the neighbours and it’s always kind of the same: “Oh, he was such a nice man. Quiet, played with his kids. I can’t believe this happened to him.” Or, “This is just such a shock. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt him.” When the murdered dude is a less than stellar person, there are no neighbour interviews. Because no one would have the guts to say what they want to say. Imagine? “Yeah, he moved in next door about 6 months ago. The second I saw him I turned to my wife and I says ‘Sheila! Come take a look at this doucheface. Look at him! That guys totally gonna get murdered, don’t you think?’ ” And Sheila’s in the background nodding and waving a dishrag.

End scene.


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