New Girl Crush Alert: Diane Birch


If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Diane Birch’s set Friday night at Revival in Toronto, then you should probably jump in front of a bus right now*.

The lovely Diane is touring in support of her freshman album ‘Bible Belt’ which I’m currently listening to on repeat. Lovesit. And she writes all her own music and lyrics, natch. Aside from playing songs off her catchier-than-chlamydia album including ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Rewind,’ and ‘Photograph’, Diane wowed the crowd with amazing covers of Haddaway’s dance hit ‘What is Love’ (yes, from the Saturday Night Live sketches) and Hall and Oates’ ‘Rich Girl.’ You can check out her version of ‘What is Love’ on YouTube:

A highlight for me was ‘Don’t Wait Up,’ for which Diane provided a witty back story:  in her teens, she went through a bit of a goth phase (Didn’t we all? My dad still kills himself laughing at my stint with purple hair. For two months, every time we drove past a McDonalds my dad suggested we stop in to see if they were looking to replace Grimace with a 13-year old girl).















‘Don’t Wait Up’ is Diane’s confession song. She would tell her parents she was heading to a friend’s house to watch TV but instead was off to an all ages club (remember those?!) with a pit stop en route to stealthily change into her goth garb in a public washroom.

Currently based in New York City, this preacher’s daughter (seriously) is often compared to the likes of Carole King and Carly Simon. Her blend of 70s-infused soul blended with some playful pop sounds, a pinch of gospel and serious piano-playing prowess make Diane a must-see-live songstress. As a performer, she completely draws you in with a mesmerizing stage presence and ridiculously impressive and sultry vocals. I can totally confess to a fantasy I have in which we’re besties living it up in NYC wearing lots of vintage and black and ironic hats, and we think it’s positively hilarious to mix all the leftover wine and liquor from our respective cabinets together in a huge plastic bowl and invite friends over for parties with themes like “Forget Your Pants, Forget Your Morals” or “You Won’t Remember Your Address So Just Sleep On My Couch.” After the show she happily signed copies of her CD (yes, I did) and chatted with eager fans (cut to me, smiling like an idiot). We also spotted Diane grabbing a late night bite at Atlantic on Dundas West with her merch guy and a management type.

Go out and pick up ‘Bible Belt’. That’s an order.

Links, dinks:

Diane Birch’s MySpace:

Official web site:

Music video for ‘Fools’:

Music video for ‘Valentino’:

*Please don’t. I would feel “morally obligated” to attend your funeral and I am not good in situations where there’s an expectation of stoic-ness (not a word) and respectful silence. For realsies. I got kicked out of two separate Remembrance Day assemblies in high school. I could not stop laughing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I won’t even get into my grandparents’ funerals.


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